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There is one word for you, metrics. Most people don't give so much importance on the time spend of the landman on a certain lease, or the amount of time for them to complete a runsheet, but then again, what you should care about is the average amount of time it will take for the landman you have hired to finish the task compared to the rest of the other landmen. You should know when you equalize the time and the billable rate of the landman. For this reason, if you will be provided with a statistics for each landman output, then this can be pretty useful for you. You can visit website here for more great tips!


Average lease or total cost - you can apply these strategies to any forms of products and don't be apprehensive about the fact that a couple of people are doing to do work that is a lot harder compared to the rest. For the beginners, we all know that Steve has the more difficult work and Joe has the easier task. Aside from this, in circumstances such as this, Joe must be getting billed and paid at a lower day rate. So the metrics on the entire cost must still equal out and you can explicate the outliers if needed.


Landman are like accountants - so why should you give this kind of information, if no one is already inquiring for it? This would sound like you are inviting a trouble. If you are apprehensive about it, enticing problem into your own business - then you will have bigger stresses, on the other hand, it is very well may entice problem for the other brokers that you are competing with in the industry. If you begin giving measurable and real performance metrics, then you may perhaps find that in-house landman begin inquiring for the same details from the other brokers. 


So be sure to hit two birds with one stone: you present that your brokerage is utilize the capital expended in the most effective means and that you are able to keep an eye on the individual performance to make certain that it will stay that way.


Quantifiable metrics = performance


Conclusion - a lot of people are eager to bet that if you will give these kinds of metrics without having them ask for it, that you will up the bet on the market competition and make your own company better while you are at it. Please view this site for further details.